The N.E.M. International Ltd was established in Rome in 2004.

After selecting the most reliable Italian and European food suppliers,
the company began its work in exporting foodstuffs
to the markets of North Africa and the Middle East,
where it distributes the products by collaborating with local importers.

In 2008, having gained an excellent knowledge of the European countries,
it decides to devote part of its business to the import and distribution
of fast-moving confectionery products in the Italian market:

Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG).

In 2012 it concluded a trade deal with a company in Bulgaria
to relabel in Italian and repackage some of the processed products,
in order to ensure the full compliance with Italian regulations.
The N.E.M. International has become, in this way,
the ideal partner for many confectionery wholesalers
and numerous vending companies in Italy.

Among the brands handled: Barilla, Ferrero, Fini, Halls, Nestlé,
Perfetti Van Melle, Pringles, Trolli, Lavazza, Pasta Reggia,
Moretti, Fratelli Mantova.

The company is always looking for new products and new suppliers
in order to expand its range of brands handled
and provide its customers with the highest competitiveness in the market
and the highest sale profits.

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